Vivenda with Airlite: the paint that purifies the air

6 April 2022

Since 2018, Vivenda has had an exclusive collaboration in Italy with Airlite, the revolutionary 100% natural paint that purifies the air by activating it with the energy of light through photocatalysis, a principle similar to that of chlorophyll photosynthesis with which plants produce oxygen. Similarly, Airlite products use the natural properties of titanium dioxide to produce an oxidising reaction by which airborne pollutants are captured and destroyed.

It reduces pollutants, eliminates odours, prevents mould, destroys pathogens and harmful agents, and decreases the amount of solar heat absorbed by buildings, saving on air conditioning.

Vivenda has always focused on sustainability and uses this innovative paint in all its interventions, helping to improve the air quality in cities.

Vivenda uses Airlite for the restoration of buildings and for spraying on architectural reproduction and plant advertising tarpaulins.

         + include the product’s anti-COVID characteristic as certified by the Italian Ministry of Defence

AIRLITE® has antiviral properties: in particular, tests conducted by the Ispettorato Generale della Sanità Militare at the Stato Maggiore della Difesa have proven its effectiveness in neutralising Sars-Cov2′.